Saturday, May 29, 2010

So, Why are you called Misscrabbypants??

Why am I called Misscrabbypants?
I don't know that I would want to be friends with someone who is constantly crabby. How much fun is that??
Thankfully, I can say that I am not. :)

Not all the time anyways! Heh.
I am the one in the group who will look at your new high heels and say, "Those are awesome shoes. You know, you will break your neck in them."
Upon stopping to get that 50th bottle of water with you, I will let you know that you will now have to stop 50 more times to pee.
What is the worse possible outcome in any given situation? *raises my hand. I can tell you.
But it's always been done in fun. On purpose. Playfully.

I will admit that I am pretty cranky in the morning. I don't like to get up. I am sure this is a shocker to like minded people.
I don't know if you've noticed but it's warm and comfy in bed.
No one honks at you and no one asks you questions.
I need to have a cup of coffee and a few minutes of peace and quiet to let the fog in my brain dissapate before I can smile and get moving.

I don't bite. Honestly. I am the opposite of crabby.
So come say hi!


  1. I totally understand, I can be very cranky sometimes, especially when lack of sleep is involved.

    New Follower, found you on iDesign

  2. Hi Shelley!
    Welcome to my blog.
    I shall now go and check out yours.


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