Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Look = Not so Misscrabbypants

In recent weeks there have been some changes here at Adventures Of Misscrabbypants.
Very good changes. :)
Thanks to Jessica of IDesigns, I now have this beautiful and shiny new blog! I was so impressed with the work that Jessica does that I asked her then to make me a matching background for my twitter account.
Take a peek:

I found Jessica and IDesigns through Simply Stacie. If you don't know Stacie, you should. She is an awesome blogger and is a wonderful woman. And she's Canadian!
I approached Jessica through her site @
I took a look around and was still not sure what it was that I wanted. I knew I wanted something blue and it had to be girly.

If you check out IDesigns, you will see that she has a quote sheet you can fill out. I did that and she got back to me pretty much immediately which I appreciated.
With a few quick questions she was off using her creative genius and was back to me with a sample for me to look at.

Jessica is sweet and kind and a wonderful business woman. She is also really great with people and gives great customer service. And she explains things. Patiently! For those of us who are new with blog speak.

While checking her out, I found her blog:
I got to learn a little more about Jessica. She is funny and I love reading her.

So if you happen to need a change, no matter how small or large, Jessica @ IDesigns is the go to girl.
Have I mentioned her prices?? Awesome and  affordable.

One happy customer


  1. Well thank you. You were super easy to work with and remember if you ever have any questions you have my email addy!

  2. I love the new design!!! You are right- Jessica is awesome!!! She's my go to girl for blog design work from now on :)

  3. I love your new design - it is really pretty! Jessica does beautiful work! Congrats on your "notsocrabby" look! :)

  4. Love the new look. It is always nice to get a new design!

    I have an award for you here

  5. Dear Misscrabbypants,
    Love your new design, love your name: Misscrabbypants...wish I had thought of it myself. My family affectionately refers to me as "The Bitch." That seems to work too! Congrats on the new design, will follow you on Twitter too!


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